Moving away from their traditional style, the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS smartphones from RIM will not feature physical keyboards.

The new BlackBerry 10 OS-powered handsets will have a touch-screen, the design routinely used by Android and iPhone devices. Moreover, business users particularly prefer BlackBerry phones due to its physical keyboards. It is a general perception that typing on physical keyboard phones is easier compared to touch screen phones. RIM's previous attempts of introducing touch-screen ended a flop show.

Also the rumors relating to the upcoming BlackBerry 10 phone hit the tech world in 2011. RIM has to set its course straight and introduce the latest device as soon as possible because Android's flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S3 has become a hot favourite among consumers. In addition, Apple's next smartphone  (iPhone 5?) is expected to be released before Christmas.

Meanwhile, analysts have expressed less hope at RIM's latest decision. According to Colin Gillis, an analyst with BGC Financial, "The physical keyboard is the most dominant item that separates out Research In Motion from its competitors."

Quite many analysts reportedly suggested that RIM should stick to their strength of offering physical keyboard handsets while making handsets with keyboards as well.