Andi Dorfman
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With just four girls left as season 18 of "The Bachelor" draws to an end, viewers of the reality dating series are eager to find out who the next bachelorette will be.

The opportunity to star in the reality show is usually given to one among the last four, and speculation is rife that Andi Dorfman is all set to sign the deal.

While this means that the current Bachelor, Juan Pablo, will not choose Dorfman as his partner at the end of the season, by clinching the deal the 26-year-old assistant district attorney will get another chance to find her soul mate.

Dorfman is a Buckhead, Ga., resident and graduated from law school in 2012 and also has BS in Communications. Dorfam said on the show that her proudest moment has been landing a job right out of school and getting an opportunity to make her community a safer place for living.

So, what kind of a man is Dorfman looking for? Someone who is confident, who is fit, and hails from a good family, and the deal-breakers include cheaters, insecure guys, and anyone who doesn't get along with her family.

Analyzing Dorfman's current equation with Pablo, Desiree Hartsock, a former Bachelorette, writes in her blog that although the two make a cute couple, the only thing that might get in the way of their relationship is her insecurities.

"Andi is a chill girl and I like her realness," Hartsock wrote. "The only thing that may be getting in the way in their relationship is her insecurities with how Juan feels about her. It's easy to have doubt when there are other girls involved so it's understandable.

"Whatever it is, Andi seems like a strong woman that will make the most of this experience if she doesn't end up with Juan."