Robert Downey Jr Walks out of Cring-worthy Interview
Robert Downey Jr Walks out of Cring-worthy InterviewScreenshot/Youtube

Robert Downey Jr is respected by his fans and colleagues for the way he completely turned his life around after his personal struggle with drugs was made public, and made his way back to the top. He can be touted as the mascot for Hollywood comebacks.

However, a few still seem to be interested in the dark past of Downey Jr, who understandably may not want to look back, especially not at an event where he is promoting his upcoming movie.

During a promotional interview for "Avengers: Age of Ultron", Channel 4 News' Krishnan Guru-Murthy relentlessly badgered Downey Jr, who plays "Iron Man" in the movie, about his past drug problems.

With a ridiculous segue of how "Iron Man" has become a better man in the recent movies as opposed to his initial egotistic self and how Downey Jr also redeemed himself after his stint in jail, the interviewer Krishnan Guru-Murthy started prodding into Downey Jr's personal struggles.

At this point, the "Avengers" actor wondered out loud if this was a movie promotion, but Guru-Murthy did not stop at that. In fact, he went on to ask Downey about his relationship with his father, leading the 50-year-old actor to walk out of the interview.

As Downey Jr tried to remove his mic Guru-Murthy made a half-ass apology, to which "Iron Man" said, "You seem OK, it was just getting a little Diane Sawyer and you're kind of a schmuck," and exited the room.

Following this interview, Guru-Murthy tweeted:

Channel 4 has been receiving flak from across the world. Geography Now commented, "What I really hate is how Chanel 4 STILL uploads this with an intention to grasp on to any exploited attention views they can from it."

KINGBLINGIT said, "Exactly like you just go and ask someone about their past if you already k is it was troubled. And it is shameful they released this on YouTube trying to make some point like "look how selfish RDJ is for waking out" but in reality it was probably very difficult to talk about for him".

Merissa Tan (MT) requested Channel 4 to hand Guru-Murthy the pink slip: "Why isn't this retard fired yet please? Quentin Tarantino, Richard Ayoade and now RDJ, are you helping to promote their work or attack their personal lives please? It's amazing how many stars you've managed to piss off already. Sincerely hope you're fired soon. Oh and Channel 4, SHAME ON YOU for trying to get the publicity by posting these interviews, trust me you'll get hate instead. Fire this idiot for you own sake please."