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"Iron Man 4" fans have news to rejoice as well as feel very disappointed. The good news is the fourth instalment of this popular franchise is indeed happening, but the sad part is Robert Downey Jr may not be Iron Man.

Over the past couple of months, there have been speculations about whether "Iron Man 4" would ever happen. But, if we go by what Robert Downey Jr revealed in an interview, it looks like Marvel Studios will release the fourth instalment of the franchise in 2019 or 2020.

The other speculation was about Robert Downey Jr reprising his role as Iron Man. Now, this is where fans might be disappointed, because new reports point at the possibility RDJ may return to play Tony Stark, but it's unlikely he will also play Iron Man and don the iron suit.

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Downey Jr had once said: "I also recognise that I'll be turning 50 by the time I promote this movie. The clock is ticking down on the amount of memories and participation that I would allow myself and not embarrass the medium with."

Clearly, the actor was hinting that by the time the film hits the floor and releases in 2020, he would no longer be young enough to don the iron suit and do superhero stunts. And, if we read between his lines, we can assume he could be indicating he may not return at all.

There have already been numerous reports that by the time the film starts production, the actor's contract with the production house would have expired and the renewal would come at a very high cost for the studio. But Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige has time and again said he may recast Downey Jr no matter what.

Now, this takes us back to fan theories which suggest Downey Jr would definitely be part of "Iron Man 4," but only to play Tony Stark and not Iron Man. He may serve as the mentor to a new person, who will don the Iron suit. Also, rumours are running wild that Ty Simpkins, who played Harley Keener in "Iron Man 3," could be his successor and the new Iron Man.

While there has been no official word on "Iron Man 4" yet, we can only speculate what may happen. Till then, Robert Downey Jr fans can get their Iron Man fix from "Captain America: Civil War", which is slated for release May 6, 2016.