Iron Man fans have been excited ever since the news of the fourth instalment broke. It had widely been reported that "Iron Man 4" is expected to take off only in phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is not before 2019. Clearly, there's nothing concrete or official from Marvel regarding the cast, plot or release date of the film.

Now, obviously "Iron Man" fans would want to see Robert Downey Jr. reprising his role as Tony Stark. But, rumours are running rampant that it might not happen as Marvel is planning to bring in a new young actor for the next "Iron Man" franchise.

It has been widely reported that RDJ has been renegotiating his contract with the studio and will don the Iron Man suit only is he gets his price. According to the rumours, the actor is asking $100 million and some have claimed that he is asking for an additional $50 million on top of his current rate ($70 million). So, Cross Map has reported that Marvel Studios may not want to shell out that amount and hence, Robert Downey Jr. may not be returning as Tony Stark.

But the report has also hinted that if both the parties don't agree on the price, then, Marvel will be forced to bring in a new and young actor Ty Simpkins to don the Iron Man suit, which he will supposedly inherit from Tony Stark.

Ty Simpkins, if you recall is the boy genius Harley Kenner, who met Tony Stark in "Iron Man 3" and helped him track down the Mandarin. Well, this rumour could come true as there have been reports that have suggested that Tony would retire in "Iron Man 4", which might be set in future when Harley will be all grown up to become the perfect successor.

Now for fans, Robert Downey Jr is synonymous to Tony Stark and Iron Man. So, will they accept Ty Simpkins as their new Iron Man? Will Marvel actually strike off Tony Stark from Marvel Universe? Will this be the end of Iron Man series?

Well, we will know only when an official statement is released or when "Iron Man 4" hits theatres. Till then, all you Robert Downey Jr. fans, get your RDJ fix with "Captain America: Civil War", which is slated to be released on 6 May, 2016.