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Swiss DSLR lens-maker Irix has announced its first lens, the Irix 15mm f/2.4. As the name suggests, it is an ultra-wide lens, offering a 110⁰ field of view and a large F 2.4 aperture, and will be made in Canon's EF, Nikon's F and Pentax's K mounts.

Irix claims the lens is a blend of Swiss precision and Korean innovation, and has some interesting features from an ergonomic point of view. For starters, the lens features an "infinity click" that apparently allows users to focus to infinity without having to look at the lens. It also reportedly allows users to physically lock the focus, and the hyperfocal distance scale allows users to figure how much depth of field is available for a particular aperture.

The lens also claims to feature 15 elements arranged in 11 groups. Out of these, three elements have high-refractive-index glass and two others are made of extra-low-dispersion glass. The assembly also apparently features two aspherical elements that reduce distortion and boost brightness around the edges.

The lens assembly is housed inside a weather-sealed barrel, and Irix says the inner seals make the lens resistant to splashes as well.

Irix is reportedly making two version of the 15mm f/2.4 lens — Firefly, a lightweight lens, which is the lightest in its class according to Irix, and Blackstone, which features a magnesium alloy lens barrel and engraved, fluorescent markings for easy operation in low light.

Both lenses reportedly accept 95 mm threaded filters that sit in front of the petal-shaped hood. The lenses also feature a slot for gelatin filters at the other end.

Irix is also trying to ensure it highlights the lens' bokeh capabilities, and has drawn attention to the lens' closest focusing distance of .28 m and the rounded nine-blade aperture that can be stopped down to F 22.

According to Irix's website, the lens will be available for sale in Spring 2016.