The Iraqi forces made a major gain against the Islamic State (Isis) terrorists after they retook large areas in Ramadi from the Sunni group on Monday, AFP reported.

The operations command headquarters and Al-Tamim neighbourhood in the west of Ramadi was recaptured from Isis, also known as Daesh, the state TV reported.

The recapture of the Al Tammen, is being hailed as a major victory for the Iraqi forces, who for months have been fighting the Isis (Daesh) in Ramadi, to keep the militant group from growing its reach towards the west of Baghdad.

Isis overran large swaths of area in the Ramadi region in May, after they defeated the Iraqi forces.

The Isis terrorists had dealt a crushing blow to the Iraqis, who despite the air support by US coalition jets, were forced to abandon their posts and flee the city leaving behind the wounded soldiers as Daesh fighters stormed the city.

Images released then by Isis showed dozens of mutilated bodies of Iraqi soldiers and civilians lying scattered around the roads in Ramadi. It was reported that Isis fighters went on a killing spree after taking over the key-Iraqi city.

Isis had even posted images showing them dumping the dead bodies into the Euphrates River.  At least 500 people, including civilians, were reportedly killed that day.