An Iraqi woman forced into sex slavery by an Islamic State (Isis) commander took her revenge by murdering him in Mosul. The commander, identified by his nom de guerre Abu Anas, was murdered by the woman in Tal Roman district, located to the west of Mosul, Press TV reported.

Anas had "coerced" the woman to marry several Isis fighters, the report said.

Saeed Mamouzini, the spokesman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Mosul, told Arabic-language al-Sumaria satellite television network that the Isis commander was killed on Saturday (5 September). There is no information on how he was killed and what has become of the woman. There is also no clarity as to whether the Iraqi woman was a Sunni Muslim or Shia.

Mosul, the second largest Iraqi city since June 2014, is controlled by the Sunni terrorist group. Inside Mosul, Isis has established several sex-slave markets, where captured Yazidi, Christian and Shia women are sold.

The brutal Sunni group that runs such markets in Mosul often strips the women naked before selling them to the highest bidders.

In one incident, Isis militants forced a Yazidi woman to 'repair' her hymen 20 times to restore her virginity before marrying her off to its fighters, Zainab Bangur, a United Nations official special envoy, revealed.

Under the Islamic State, which follows its own twisted interpretation of the Sharia law, keeping sex slaves is a righteous act, acceptable as per the Quran. As per an Isis propaganda article, keeping a woman as slave in fact is a "great prophetic Sunnah (way of life prescribed by Prophet Mohammad) containing many divine wisdoms and religious benefits".