A new video released by the Islamic State shows its terrorists in Iraq roasting four men alive.

The brutal execution is believed to have been carried out to avenge the death of the Isis fighters allegedly killed by Shia soldiers. The Isis claims that their fighters were burned alive by the Iraqi forces.

The over 5-minute-long video is claimed to have been shot in Anbar and the four men were Iraqi fighters captured by the Islamic State.

The four Iraqi Shia soldiers, wearing orange jumpsuits, were paraded before the camera. The prisoners were then made to confess to their "crimes".

An Isis terrorist says on the camera that these soldiers were being punished for the crimes of Iraqi Shia army, which burned several Isis fighters alive.

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Kurdish activist and anthropologist Heval Soro told IBTimes India that in recent battles, both the Shia army and the Islamic State have taken to violating human rights.

"They are taking revenge on each other. And both have no limits when it comes to torturing and executing their prisoners," Soro added.