baghdad bombing
baghdad bombingReuters

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for multiple attacks at a Shiite shrine in Balad, 60 miles from Baghdad, that killed 35 people and injured 60. The attack on the Mausoleum of Sayid Mohammed bin Ali al-Hadi on Eid fuelled fears of renewed fights between the Shia and Sunni sects in the country. 

The country was still following a period of mourning after as many as 292 people were killed in bomb blasts in the capital, Baghdad. 

On Wednesday night, three suicide bombers wearing explosive belts launched an attack at the shrine. One blew himself up at the entrance of the shrine, another amid a crowd, while a third one was shot down before he could detonate. However, nine gunmen were also present and opened fire at the scene, adding to the mayhem, according to Mail Online

Isis claimed that one of the suicide bombers was a woman named Um Ja'ada, Mail Online reported.

Images on social media showed fire raging in the marketplace near the gate of the mausoleum, according to the Guardian. However, the extent of damage to the mausoleum was not known. In an earlier bombing, the al Hadi's dome had been damaged. 

Rockets were also launched at the Shia shrine where families were gathered for the Eid celebration. The attacks also targeted the security officials present at the site. 

The mausoleum is located in a Sunni dominated area near the town of Balad, in Salahuddin Province.

More than 320 people were killed in Iraq in terrorist attacks during Eid.