The Islamic State has reportedly banned locals in Mosul from gathering in groups of more than three, Iraqi media reported. 

Isis has warned people not to be together in groups of more than three in public places in Mosul, apparently fearing a 'mass uprising', a Kurdish official told

"Isis in Mosul prevented the gathering of citizens in public places, as well as preventing them from talking on life issues," Saeed Mamouzini, the spokesperson of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul was quoted saying. 

"Isis' decision comes in anticipation of the outbreak of mass uprising against it... (they are) trying these practices to spread division and fear among the citizens to be able to control the situation," he said. 

Mosul is a stronghold of the Islamic State after Isis militants overran the Iraqi city on 10 June, 2014. Days later, Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the Islamic State caliphate on 29 June.

Isis has imposed an extremely repressive regime on the locals in Mosul, and has executed hundreds of people for not obeying its diktats. 

Earlier this month, an Iraqi MP said that an average of 50 people are executed by Isis daily.

The executions are carried out through beheading, stoning, crucifixion or even throwing victims from high towers.