The Islamic State (Isis) terrorists are known for their devious ways. But when luck turned bad for a young Isis fighter, he was helped by none another than his arch enemy - a Kurdish Peshmerga soldier.

A recent video released on YouTube shows an injured Isis fighter thanking a Peshmerga soldier by kissing his hands after he is offered water as he lay wounded in battle in Kirkuk.

According to Iraqi News source- Rudaw, the video footage was taken by a Peshmerga soldier on 26 August after a battle in Kirkuk with the Sunni terror group. In the video, a Peshmerga commander identified as Bestun Kelwrani gives water to the injured Isis terrorist, who then tries to kiss his hand, to thank him for the kindness.

Kelwrani, however, tells him that he need not kiss his hands. He then asks him, "You are so young, why are you doing this?" At this the Isis fighter, who seems to be in his teens, asks the Peshmerga "Who are you?" The Peshmerga reply "We are humans, just like you." 

"Why are you doing this?," the Peshmerga commander asks the Isis fighter, who then laments about being in pain. The Peshmerga then tells him that he will be taken to a hospital and he has nothing to fear.

The injured told the Peshmerga that he is from Lebanon.

 Isis, which is known for its brutal executions, has killed dozens of Peshmerga soldiers in rather horrible ways. In February, the Sunni terror group released a video of 17 Peshmerga fighters locked inside cages in Kirkuk. Isis had said that they were going to burn them alive. 

In March, Isis released another video showing the brutal beheading of three Peshmerga soldiers in Mosul.

Since August 2014, the Peshmerga and other Kurdish forces from neighbouring countries have been waging an all-out-war against Isis in both Iraq and Syria.

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