A British sniper, who averted an Isis suicide bombing by killing five Islamic State terrorists near Mosul in Iraq, is being hailed a hero, reports said. He reportedly killed three Isis terrorists with one shot.

According to the Mirror, the Isis jihadis were taken out by an SAS veteran after he spotted them exiting a Daesh bomb-making factory in Mosul. The only information available about the sniper is that he has been with SAS for over a decade.

According to army sources, the SAS sniper was on an intel-gathering mission near the Isis bomb factory in Mosul to help British RAF jets with their airstrikes when he spotted men wearing heavy coats despite the hot weather.

The sharp-shooter then informed the command centre about the situation and was given a "go-ahead", reports said.

During the dramatic shooting, the sniper was able to kill three people with one shot after the first shot detonated the suicide vest of an Isis jihadist.

The second shot, fired from the distance of 800 metres, was a headshot, while the final shot again hit the explosive vest of a Daesh terrorist.

According to The Daily Mail, the SAS sniper saved the lives of hundreds of innocent people by firing three well-aimed shots at the jihadists.