No. 131 - Tehran, Iran
Tehran, the capital of Iran.Reuters

Many Iranians will come out on the streets after breaking their Ramadan fast on Tuesday to celebrate the clinching of the historic nuclear deal with the United States and other major powers. 

Iran reached a landmark deal with six major powers on Tuesday that will lift the heavy burden of decades of economic sanctions imposed on the country.

According to Iran's state news agency IRNA, "economic and financial sanctions imposed by the EU, US will be lifted ... billions of dollars of Iran's frozen assets will be released ... bans on Iran's aviation will be lifted after three decades, bans on Iran's central bank, the National Iranian Oil Company, Iran Shipping Lines, Iran Air and many other institutions and people will be lifted."

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For Iranians, the deal is understandably a cause for celebration, and many locals are set to take to the streets on Tuesday night to mark the historic day. 

"Iranians are very happy. Street celebrations will be held in many cities tonight," Hamed Khoshroshahi, a local journalist based in Iran's Tabriz city, told IBTimes India through Twitter.

"Iranians are hoping that the national currency will go back to its original position, and once the sanctions are lifted, prices of goods will also come down as they can be imported," Khoshroshahi said. 

Seyedali Pourtabatabaie, the director of The Iran Project, an independent news site, said that because people are observing the Ramadan fast, most of them will come out to celebrate after sunset.

Pourtabatabaie had been in global news four years ago for an article he wrote about Iran hypothetically testing a nuclear weapon and how the world would react.

"Iranians are mainly happy because of the lifting of the sanctions, which will open the economy and help our country become economically powerful again. It will also ease Iran's international relations and bring us back into the global society," he told IBTimes India from Tehran via Twitter.

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani had tweeted that an 'unnecessary crisis' has been resolved with the Iran deal, and said that it has opened new horizons for the country. 

On Monday, Rouhani had tweeted saying that if the Iran nuclear deal was reached, it would be a "victory of diplomacy and mutual respect over outdated paradigm of exclusion and coercion."

The Iranian president addressed the nation, following the nuclear agreement, telling them that "a new chapter has opened," according to Press TV.