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At least 452 people were killed and thousands injured after a powerful earthquake struck near the border of Iran and Iraq late Sunday.

The earthquake is the deadliest of the year, eclipsing the one that hit Mexico City in September, and was felt as far away as Turkey and Pakistan.

And Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley was hit by the same. She shared her experience on Twitter.

She wrote: "Is anyone else's residence in Dubai swaying ? Our chandelier s , floor everything is moving ???? Evacuating now ... The kids were quite shaken as we felt the brunt on our higher elevation.Back home safe now.Thank you all for your feedback & wishes..always" [sic.]

The actress also added: "We hear it was a mild aftershock from Iraq apparently.. kids were quite shaken... all ok now, back home safe thank God..big hug DD Thank you. Mild aftershock earthquake apparently, was felt only on higher elevations of buildings. All ok now back home. Thank you Ram.. quite shaken !" [sic.]

The actress delivered another set to twin boys (in Spetember), Arthur Jaitly Haag and Shamsher Jaitly Haag, in Dubai.

But the news was bittersweet. While Celina was happy to share the birth of Arthur, she felt sad to lose her second baby boy, Shamsher. The little one couldn't survive due to a heart condition.

Celina and husband Peter Haag already have two sons, Winston and Viraaj who are now close to four years old.

Before the birth of the twins, Celina's father breathed his last on July 2 after a prolonged illness and as soon as the model-actress was informed about it, she rushed to Indore, Madhya Pradesh, to be with her family during the tough time and also be part of his last rites.