Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has reportedly developed a 'smart' coronavirus detector that can spot the contaminated area from a distance of 100 meters in just five seconds. The new device doesn't need blood or any other samples from patients to detect the coronavirus and has been tested in several hospitals in the country.

Iran Coronavirus detector

IRGC Commander Major General Hossein Salami said that the divide named 'Mosta'an' is capable of detecting "every coronavirus infection" within a 100-meter radius by creating a magnetic field and using a bipolar virus inside the device.

"The system can spot the coronavirus-contaminated area from 100 meters away in 5 seconds and it does not need to take blood from patients and has been tested in different hospitals and showed positive performance in 80 percent of cases," said.

Not just the coronavirus, General Salami said, that the device was being adapted to detect any virus. According to the General, 'Mosta'an' was invented by scientists from the Basij paramilitary forces and it can also be used in mass testing.

Twitteratti mock Iran's coronavirus detector device claim

Soon after the Revolutionary Guards unveiled the device, Iranians on Twitter started mocking it and raised doubts on their claim. Iran has a history of making such claims to boast about its scientific and military prowess.

"Why are they wearing masks during a ceremony announcing the invention of a magnetic detector - couldn't they first check the 100m radius of their gathering to see if it was infected?" wrote one user. "Thanks to the Cartoon network!" said another.

 The device looks similar to what was showcased by Egyptian authorities in 2013, claiming it could detect hepatitis. According to some reports, the device is highly reminiscent of a fake bomb-detecting tool once sold by a convicted British fraudster to Iraqi security forces.