Parliament attack
An attacker can be seen inside the Iran Parliament building.Twitter/Rezah Khaasteh

Multiple attacks were reported in the Iranian capital on Wednesday morning, with reports of at least 5 people dead and several wounded in the Iranian Parliament.

However,  members of parliament are posting multiple pictures (selfies) of themselves smiling inside the parliament even as the hostage situation inside the building continues, to assure that everything is fine with them.

صحن مجلس همين الان

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Security forces have cordoned off the area and an attacker in the upper wing of parliament has reportedly blew himself up, but the selfies from the legislative building are pouring in.

A Le Mode correspondent in Iran, Ghazal Golshiri, said that despite the attack in the parliament, the meeting in the building is going on as normal.

"Members publish pictures reassuring to say that everything is fine," she tweeted.

An Iranian Member of Parliament Vakili has tweeted that, "Terrorists are present and shooting but parliament session is proceeding normal and according to plan."

خبرنگاران فعال مجلس. همين الان ظهر چهارشنبه

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