KKR team owner Shah Rukh Khan. Reuters.

Shah Rukh Khan is regarded a solid hero in India. On Thursday when he released a four-part TV series on the journey with the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), people got to see a softer side of the "Badshah."

'Living with KKR' is a documentary series - mostly unedited - that will be aired on Discovery channel from February 24th to 27th.

Shah Rukh Khan got emotional at the screening of the series and said he would never think of selling the team. KKR won the IPL trophy in the year 2012 which was the main reason to film the documentary.

"I felt like crying... I had tears in my eyes when I was watching it, so I had to wear my goggles," Shah Rukh said. "It's a very emotional moment for me and I am overwhelmed.

"A documentary is being made because we won it. Winning does matter.

"We will never sell the team; it goes up and down with us. The players are like our children and now that we have won, we are all the more happy."

SRK has been a great support to the team despite dismal performances in the first four seasons and he said he has never put the blame on any individual nor has he pressurised the team after a loss.

"I don't scold anyone," he added. "I speak to everyone politely. They haven't lost the match purposely; even they are upset. You can't scold a sportsman, you have to believe them."

Among many strategy and team changes, came the jersey colour change for KKR. The Bollywood superstar said that it was Juhi Chawla who insisted the colour purple over the previous black and that he was not superstitious in the least bit.

"Juhi wanted it to be purple, but I am not superstitious at all," the film superstar said. "When you need someone to blame that is when you get into superstition. I will take the blame, not fall on superstition."

In other IPL news, the Eden Gardens might miss out on IPL action during elections and so would the rest of the country. On Thusday, BCCI officials met Home Minister Sunil Kumar Shinde to discuss security measures for the upcoming IPL season, and Shinde asked the BCCI look for an alternative venue during elections, according to Times of India.

IPL chairman, Ranjib Biswal had earlier suggested South Africa to be the preferred venue in case top security cannot be assured by the Indian Government.