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Apple iPhone 7REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

Apple iPhones and iPads do not come cheap and consumers are still willing to shell out the top dollar. Among other things such as brand recognition and the quality of the devices, Apple devices are popular for the experience they offer to users.

It is not new that Apple has a closed operating system unlike the open nature of its biggest rival, Android, but the company has managed to make that one of its key USPs. Android devices have several features and apps that are unavailable on iOS, which may make iPhone and iPad users green. Now, owners of Apple-made products can strike off one feature, albeit small but thoroughly useful, from the list of features Android users have and iOS doesn't.

Calculators are pretty common in every smartphone, be it Android, iOS or even Windows. Even though we use the calculating apps quite often, we don't really demand any updates or try to compare it with different versions of OS. But somewhere deep down in your gut, iOS users must have wondered why there's no backspace function in their iPhone.

What if we told you that the calculator app in iPhone and other iOS devices had the backspace function all along? It's true. According to a three-year-old Reddit thread, instruction on how to use backspace function in iPhones has been around since iOS 6 or even before that.

Before you go ahead and open the stock calculator app on your iOS devices to start looking for a dedicated backspace button, hold up right there. It's not a dedicated button that you should be looking for. The backspace function on the stock iOS calculator app works by swiping either left or right on the display of the calculator.

Now that you've tried and realized it actually works, try not to control that grin on your face. For what it's worth, you don't even have to be embarrassed as you are not alone to learn this secret feature actually existed on your phone for several years. You can do a simple search on Twitter for "iPhone calculator" or "iOS calculator" to make yourself feel better.

If you like compliments, you can even share this discovery with your friends and pretend like it's nothing new (which it is not obviously). Enjoy the attention!