Apple might be ensuring all the details of its upcoming iPhones are kept under wraps, but nothing stays hidden forever. Ahead of the official unveiling of Apple's 2016 flagship smartphones early next month, details of the rumoured iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have been leaked several times. While some might be true, some are simply unreal.

The leaked information about the new iPhones coming from reliable sources is most likely to be true than a random leak, which comes without any base. We have listed the top changes that are expected to be seen in the new iPhones and this information is widely expected to be true as it comes from industry's well-known sources.

The name is...

There has been a lot of confusion around the name of the new iPhones. Some say the new iPhones will be called iPhone 7 for the 4.7-inch model and iPhone 7 Plus for the 5.5-inch variant, which is more than likely considering Apple's tradition. However, there have been some rumours about the new iPhones carrying a different name.

Informed sources have learned that Apple will name the next flagship the iPhone 6SE citing the minimal changes expected in the phones. The Cupertino tech giant is reserving the major makeover for 2017 iPhone, as it marks the tenth year anniversary of iPhones. Anything is possible, but only Apple is aware of what the real change is.

Goodbye headphone jack

It has been reported so many times that it is almost feeling like its true. Several rumours have strongly suggested that the new iPhones will no longer sport the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. It was one of the earliest things we learned about the new iPhones and quickly created a controversy as fans downplayed Apple's move. But the change is expected to be good as the technology advances. Apple is likely to introduce a new pair of Bluetooth headphones with the iPhones, which if needed can be connected to the Lightning port.

Smile for the camera

While rumours suggest Apple is bringing minimal changes on board its new iPhones, one of the biggest upgrade will be the camera. According to media reports, the bigger variant of the iPhone, the iPhone 7 Plus, is expected to feature a dual camera setup. The results are expected to be better with more details. It will be one of the strongest USP of the new iPhone's Plus variant.

More storage space

While the world of smartphones has long moved from offering 16GB in flagship smartphones, Apple has still hung on to that. But that's changing now as the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will finally offer 32GB storage in the base model. Leaked information on the new iPhones' pricing also suggested that the company will offer 256GB variant this time around. This will finally address the storage woes that iPhone users suffer from time to time.

Nothing is confirmed so far, but Apple will put an end to these mysteries at the official launch of the new iPhones. The company will host the iPhone launch event in California on Sept. 7. Until we know more, stay tuned for updates.