iPhone 7 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7: How Will The Ultimate Flagship Battle Pan Out At Launch? Specs Comparison
Samsung Galaxy S7: The Ultimate 2016 Flagship To Come With Weeklong Battery Life, 4K Screen And MoreImage- Reuters

Everything around Apple's purported upcoming flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7, is blurred at the moment with the company maintaining utmost secrecy like it used to but several expected features of the device have been leaked amid reports whether its release would happen this year or in 2016. This uncertainty will confuse many whether to buy the present iPhone 6 or wait for its successor, the iPhone 7.

So, when will Apple Inc. release its next-generation smartphone, the iPhone 7?

A report by Apple Insider has claimed that the Cupertino giant might release the iPhone 6s and perhaps the iPhone 6S Plus with Apple SIM (universal SIM card) pre-installed in September this year, which means the iPhone 7 could be pushed to next year.

However, latest report has claimed that the release date of the iPhone 7 might fall this year, which means the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus or the 4-inch iPhone 6c could be scrapped.

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has sent out a note to investors that Apple might release its flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7 this year instead of the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus or the 4-inch iPhone 6c, according to a report by Value Walk.

Should you buy iPhone 6 or wait for its successor?

The iPhone 7 is expected to come with a major feature upgrades over the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The upcoming device is expected to be powered by A9 chip, come packed with 2GB RAM, and have features like sapphire crystal glass, and chassis made of liquid metal.

Apple Inc. has bought LinX Computational Imaging, an Israeli company known for its camera technology, for $20 million (approximately £13.5m), according to Techradar citing report by the Wall Street Journal. The company claimed that it "use special sensor arrays and algorithms to create high-quality images that match DSLR cameras in smaller packages," and this same technology is expected to be introduced in the iPhone 7. 

It was also speculated earlier that Apple might introduce "freefall prevention" technology in its upcoming flagship smartphone with the US Patent and Trademark Office having awarded it with the patent - "Protective mechanism for an electronic device."

Specifications rumoured to be seen in the iPhone 7 can make some prospective buyers of the current flagship devices - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – to think again but most people may not wait for months together for the arrival of a new device. Moreover, it is still not very sure if Apple will release the iPhone 7 this year.

Apple fans should grab the current flagship device rather than wait for the iPhone 7 for an upgrade for the simple reason that the Cupertino giant could release the rumored iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus and the 4-inch iPhone 6c this year. Even if the iPhone 7 makes it this year, it is still months away before seeing the light of day.