• iPhone 6 caught fire
    The iPhone after coolingPhilip Letcher
  • The back of the phone after cooling
    The iPhone 6 after coolingPhilip Letcher
  • iPhone 6 caught fire
    Philip's leg after the accidentPhilip Letcher
  • Philip's Jeans after the accident
    Philip's jeans pocket immidiately after the incidentPhilip Letcher

Even as Apple Inc comes to terms with reports of its latest iPhone 6 Plus' aluminium body being prone to bending in tight pockets, Philip Letcher, a US entrepreneur, reports a shocking accident involving his new Apple iPhone6. 

In his blog, Letcher illustrates the entire incident narrating how it happened and what happened to him after his phone caught fire. He has also added a few images explaining what happened to his clothes and the phone in a video posted on YouTube.

Letcher isn't the first to complain about the bending issue, but he is probably the first to have reported phone on fire.

He writes that he and his family went to Arizona for a weekend vacation on 11 October to attend a Soccer match. While they were walking to a tailgate party, they noticed two rickshaws on the street.

"We didn't get much more than a block down the road when the driver/biker caught a trolley track in the road and lost balance. He fell over causing the rickshaw to tip to the left. Fortunately, the rickshaw didn't tip all the way over, and we were not thrown out. I was half on, half off the rickshaw as I was sitting on the left side of the seat."

Letcher then felt a burning sensation in his leg and could smell smoke from his pants.

"The smoke was thick and I quickly got down to get the APPLE iPhone 6 out of my pocket. The smell was disturbing. I could feel my leg burning. I pulled the Apple iPhone 6 out of my pocket and threw it to the side. Someone from a crowd of spectators threw a cup of water on my leg to put the fire out on my jeans."

The leather case on the phone saved his fingers from burning while taking it out of his pocket. "A bystander was not so lucky; he picked up the phone without the case and burned his fingers. With a crowd looming, another bystander then put Ice water on the phone to cool it off while a 3rd observer took the below video. Listen closely, you can hear the sizzling," he writes.

Iphone 6 after it bent and caught on fire in pocketPhilip Letcher