Apple iPhone 5

An Apple iPhone 5 phone is displayed in the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York.


Apple fans who were left shocked about the steep price tag reports of iPhone 5 in India can let out a momentary sigh of relief as the official pricing of the sixth-generation smartphone is still not decided.

Anand Baskaran, an Apple India official, confirmed that company is yet to make up its mind on pricing and release date of the device in India. "We have made no announcement on either a launch or India pricing," he said in an e-mail.

Meanwhile, eBay is trading iPhone 5 in India for a high price for consumers who can't wait to get hold of the new smartphone.  

The US-based retail website is trading all the three variants of IPhone 5, tagging the 16 GB model at ₹59,990, 32 GB at ₹93,990 and 64 GB at ₹105,990.

The price details posted on the website seems justified as Apple will not accept the order for its new iPhone on its website in a country which is yet to see its launch. As a consequence, consumers will have to go through eBay or other agencies to purchase the device.

Buyers importing the iPhone 5 through such routes may end up paying extra additional and shipping fees. This would mean that they will have shell out more cash than the actual price tag of the device that will be revealed after its official release in the subcontinent.

In addition to announcing the prices, eBay ships iPhone 5 with no warranty or return policy.