With the Apple rumour mill in full whirlwind just weeks before the iPhone 5 is due for its official debut on Sept 12, the fervor wait for its release have given rise to new rumors suggesting that the fifth-iteration device may pack a 1440 mAh battery.

Latest image leaks reported by various websites showed that the device may have 10 mAh more juice compared to the 1430 mAh battery in its current predecessor iPhone 4S.The images revealed that the battery capacity of 1440mAh can handle 3.8 V voltage and is rated at 5.45 watt hours. This rumor might as well be taken with a pinch of salt, considering that several other reports said that iPhone 5 is expected to be bigger than its predecessor versions and should come with LTE support.

In order to handle a big phone, manufacturers usually integrate bigger batteries to support latest technologies. However, it remains to be seen if Apple has embedded a LTE radio to support its rumoured 1440mAh battery.

Earlier, there were reports of Cupertino's $500 million acquisition of NAND Flash designer Anobit which will translate into a number of key improvements for the next generation of iPhones. According to an IBTimes UK report, "The most noted improvement will be on battery life as "Anobit's core specialist is increasing multi-level flash cell performance [and] both single-level and multi-level flash memory are efficient compared to DRAM storage which requires constant power." A further statement read, "Due to the acquisition of Anobit, the next generation iPhone can benefit from increased storage capacity, faster access of music and video, a slimmer design, and perhaps even a cheaper price tag."

Meanwhile, French tech website Nowherelse.fr posted images of a new miniature connector which is pictured with a USB connector along with the USB portion of the cable. The image showed the metal connector as having eight gold pins, contradicting the 9-pin theory and as well as the 19 pin connectors down from 30 pin connectors from previous versions.