Last week, Chinese jailbreaking community Pangu released a v1.0.1updated tool to fix the glitches present in the v1.0.0.

But, the new version is also riddled with bugs and the most prominent one, BLoD (Boot Loop of Death), is making people lose sleep over it.

What is BLoD?

As per the findings of the prominent jailbreaking coder angelXwind, BLoD is not similar to the normal boot loop (aka blue screen), which commonly occur during regular jailbreaking procedure. It usually takes two, three or maximum of four boot loops to complete the procedure.

But this new anomaly, BLoD, is bit serious threat. It is said to put devices on continuous boot loop, which may last for many hours.

"BLoDs could possibly be a variation of the Pangu9 boot failure described above — where instead of the device rebooting seconds after the untether fails, the device would just hang at boot — for about 10 minutes — until the watchdog forces a reboot," said angelXwind citing Cydia software maker Jay Freeman (popularly known as Saurik).

What triggers BLoD on jailbroken Apple devices?

angelXwind says that presence of 'unclean systemfiles' might be the reason behind this endless boot loops, but there is no conclusive evidence to prove the presence of any particular bug.

This is a developing story, we will update as and when we get the news. Stay tuned.

How to avoid BLoD?

The readers are advised to install tweaks, which are confirmed to be compatible with the particular Apple device. And, the people are also warned not to hard reset (long press power and home buttons together) the handset and also reboot (normal) the device only if required and make sure the battery life does not reach 0%.


If the users are still running iOS 8.4.1 on their devices, then do not try to upgrade to the iOS 9 (or later) version until the fix arrives for the BLoD.

[Credits: angelXwind (Reddit) & iPhone Hacks]