That Apple has been planning on pushing out a brand new version of iOS has been in news for a long time. And as promised, we finally have a new iOS version – iOS 9 – which is quite a considerable upgrade over the previous iOS 8.

Apart from the alterations to the overall front, there are a host of changes that have been made to the mobile OS. While some of them might have been overlooked, these are massive additions and changes that look to enhance the overall experience.

Still don't know what we are talking about? Here's a look at all the changes that have happened for iOS 9 over iOS 8.

Better Searching Capabilities

With iOS 9, there are smart changes that have been made to the way users will search stuff on their devices. To test it out, swipe left from the main home screen. Doing that will show the most searched apps, contacts and almost everything the user is looking for.

Video Zoom Properties

Apart from photos, users can now even pinch and zoom on their video clips.

Ad Block Properties

The newer version of Safari that comes with iOS 9 now offers the ability to block ads. Users can now go into the Safari section of Settings and there will be a new Content Blockers option.

Split Screen Capabilities

There's the new Slide Over feature that comes with iOS 9 (more potent for iPad users) that will bring in a second app as a sidebar. To do that, users can just slide their finger from the right side of the device.

Carefully Curated News Content

While iOS 8 had the option to show the day's news, it wasn't offering fresh content from the world. However, with iOS 9, the news section has been carefully curated to show all the fresh happenings from around the world. There's also an easy layout that makes reading the news now more enjoyable.

Email Events

With the new iOS combining well with the upgraded Siri, Apple now picks up an event from your mails and adds them according to the dates in the calendar. There will also be prompts to let users know about events that may miss out on.

Revamped Notes

For iOS 9, Apple has made some considerable changes to the stock Notes app that's available. Now, with the new OS in the mix, users can add web links, photos, checklists and even drawings, with everything being synced with iCloud.

Hide Photos

With iOS 9, to hide photos, head over to the Share menu and you will find the new Hide option. You can use it, as expected, to hide images that might be not for all the prying eyes around you.

How are you finding the new iOS version? Let us know in the comments section below.