Jailbreakers are on the constant lookout for new tweaks that can make iPhones look fancier. Apple device owners jailbreak iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch to experience the world outside Apple's stringent iOS software. After performing the risky task, there are many tweaks to make iDevices look unique and users are not hesitant to try them. If you are looking to get some new tweaks, here are top 8 Cydia tweaks you can download on your iOS 9 jailbreak device. (via iOS9cydia)


Most iPhone users are complaining about the short battery life, so it is fitting to get the BattSaver, which increases the battery life by turning off all unimportant features. The popularity of BattSaver also convinced Apple to introduce a similar feature in iOS 9 dubbed as Low Power Mode. Some key features of BattSaver include:

  • Shuts down battery-draining components when not in use.
  • Saves energy by automatically turning off wireless services like GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and others when not in use.
  • Increases battery life of iDevices by almost 2 times.
  • Automatically Improves battery life of devices with a reduction in charge cycle. 
  • Enables to view battery status in real time.


Who doesn't like to multi-task on their smartphones and tablets? Multiplexer does just that by seamlessly helping users switch tasks, run apps such as video in the background, while performing other tasks, get one-tap access to any app, double tap on Home to bring up a previous app, adjust window sizes while multi-tasking and swipe left to launch the last app.


How often you wanted to add a particular app to the Control Center, which the stock iOS doesn't allow? A simple tweak for your jailbreak iOS 9 device places the recently used apps in the Control Center just below the Quick Launch apps. Keek is highly useful in quickly accessing your favourite apps.


The app switcher in stock iOS already displays good graphics, but you can add more effects using 3DSwitcher. This tweak lets to change animations in App Switcher in style.

AltKeyboard 2

AltKeyboard 2 succeeds the original and highly-popular AltKeyboard tweak that makes typing on your iOS device easy. Using AltKeyboard 2, you can input upper case letters by swiping down on a particular letter and input alternative character such as numbers by swiping upwards.

Force Touch Activator

The launch of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus was hyped a lot with the introduction of 3D Touch or Force Touch technology. If you wish to experience the feature on your existing iPhone, ForceTouch Activator is a must-have. Although it does not work as efficiently as in the new iPhones, due to lack of necessary hardware, Force Touch Activator is the closest you can have for 3D Touch experience on older iPhones.


CCMore is a unique tweak you must have. It manipulates the Control Center and launches the Quick Launch apps within the small window you get when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen. This will give you full app experience without having to launch the app completely.

Velox 2

Velox 2 brings the convenience of glancing the app's notifications and special settings with a simple gesture. With Velox 2, you simply swipe up on an app to get all the essential details without having to launch the app completely.