The jailbroken iPhone user's might be scratching their heads since Apple launched its final version of iOS 9. With the latest smartphone iOS version, Apple has also asserted that it would be next to impossible to create any dent in the version. Apart from patching all the known bugs including the Pangu iOS 8.4.1 Jailbreak, Apple has also introduced a feature namely rootless technology, which will apparently make all the Jailbreaking efforts in vain.

Meanwhile TaiG, the most famous Jailbreaking community has banished all the Apple claims. iOS9Cydia spotted Xie Lie, TaiG CEO has asserted through a Weibo post, "See you in iOS 9! Look forward to releasing our 4th Jailbreak!" Which means TaiG might have found the solution to Jailbreak iOS 9 successfully.

However, TaiG is still tight-lipped about its official release date but noticing its iOS 8.4 Jailbreaking releasing strategy, we assume they might launch the Jailbreak solution surprisingly.

K33n (pronounced as Keen) also teased lately to be working on the iOS 9 Jailbreak with the assistance of Pangu team hence they are another Jailbreak community to launch the solution soon.

PP Team, the team who brought iOS 8 Jailbreak first, has also remained silent on the matter. But we believe they are also potent enough to release a solution.

The only success story we heard as of now comes from Sn0wbreeze and P0sixspwn Jailbreak tool developer iH8sn0w, who demonstrated the iOS 9.1 Beta jailbreak successfully through a YouTube video. On the video, iH8sn0w showed an iPhone 6 Plus running on a Jailbroken iOS edition. However, he hasn't disclosed anything about releasing the solution.

Another team, Semi JB has also released a semi jailbreak of iOS 9 with Cydia support. Though being the only available alternative for iOS 9 untethered Jailbreak, Semi JB is a partial jailbreak, hence Jailbreakers should wait till any better solution becomes available.

Interestingly Zerodium, a new start-up, has offered $3 million as rewards to the developers who will be able to rollout the iOS 9 Jailbreak solution. Namely 'The Million Dollar Big Bounty', the Zerodium iOS 9 Bounty program has certainly added a pinch of salt in the entire Jailbreaking scenario. We wish to get some interesting news soon regarding the iOS 9 Jailbreak.