Apple released iOS 9.0.1 just a few days after making its new software iOS 9 available to public, so there are possibilities of hackers and developers skipping iOS 9 jailbreak or even for that matter, iOS 8.4.1 exploits and concentrate on the upgraded version of the software.

Those of you who are waiting for the release of iOS 9 jailbreak, well, it may not happen if reports are anything to go by. Nothing is certain as of now but it is reported that TaiG and Pangu teams might skip working on jailbreaking iOS 8.4.1 or even iOS 9 and directly release the iOS 9.0.1 jailbreak.

The reports of a possible direct release of iOS 9.0.1 jailbreak came just a few days after security firm Zerodium through its programme called "The Million Dollar iOS 9 Bug Bounty" offered $1 million each to three individuals or organizations that come up with iOS 9 jailbreak.

Meanwhile, iH8sn0w, developer of popular jailbreak tools such as Sn0wbreeze, P0sixspwn and iFaith, demonstrated through a video that iOS 9 can be jailbroken despite Apple's "rootless" technology that denies access to iOS root to check jailbreaking. He showed an untethered iPhone 5 running a jailbroken iOS 9 on his YouTube channel but the jailbreaking tool is still to be made available to the public.

Semi JB team also has released partial iOS 9 jailbreak to the public and one can install Cydia with limited functions. The team has claimed that "it is tested on all available iOS versions and all versions allow semi jailbreak to perform its functionalities without worrying much about the missing root."