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On Tuesday afternoon (7 July), iOS developers were on a hunt for the latest iOS 9 Beta 3 download links, but failed miserably.

After some tweets started flooding the feeds of developers about iOS 9 Beta 3 release, it was widely reported that the new software, which is expected to arrive with Apple Music, had actually arrived. All of this originated from a Twitter user identified as Maksim Petriv (@talkaboutdesign), who staged the whole act to track down a person pretending to be an Apple employee.

Several publications, including iDigitalTimes, reported that the iOS 9 Beta 3 had arrived, but disappeared due to a glitch. Some users went on to add that the iOS Beta 3 download link redirected them to iOS 9 Beta 2 files, which is currently the latest beta available by Apple. However, iDigitalTimes updated its article with the revelation about the real truth behind iOS 9 Beta 3 hoax.

According to the publication, the iOS 9 Beta 3 posts originated from Twitter user @talkaboutdesign. The hidden agenda behind speculating the anticipated release was to catch a person posing as an Apple employee red-handed. End result- @talkaboutdesign cracked down on the perpetrator when he found his forged information was supported by the person.

Below are a series of tweets by @talkaboutdesign that explain the whole scenario:

Apple released its much-awaited iOS 9 mobile software at the Worldwide Developers Conference last month. While the public release of the new software is scheduled to begin later this fall, Apple is testing the builds of iOS 9 with its registered developers. This way, Apple can iron out any kinks as well as give developers early access to the OS to test their apps and tools. Currently, Apple is testing iOS 9 Beta 2 and the next due is beta 3, but the release date is yet to be confirmed.