Lately, Adobe announced to launch an all new photoshop app for the iOS users in October but no new updates are available as of now. GeekSnack reports, the iPhone/ iPad specific app version might get delayed but will come with tons of powerful features which are usually available in its Windows/Mac version.

After Apple's release of iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, numerous professionals might be looking forward for a full-fledged solution and that is the key reason behind releasing such powerful Photoshop edition for the iOS users.

Though there are no further details available on the upcoming app, the report quoted "someone close to Adobe's mobile development department". The anonymous developer has mentioned that Adobe is about to port its most famous software like Photoshop, illustrator and lightroom into apps. He explained it further that the photoshop filters won't be there in the apps and all of them will be based on cloud hence users would have to buy the plugins on rent basis.

The apps for iOS which were slated to release in October, 2015, may arrive to users by the beginning of 2016. After the iOS release, Adobe might launch the photoshop, lightroom and illustrator for the Android environment as well.

According to Adobe's earlier statement, the upcoming photoshop will offer several features including easy facial editing options and they will come for free but users have to pay for the professional features bundled in the apps.