Jailbreaking is a common practice among iDevice owners that frees them from Apple's boundaries. If you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad, you must be constantly looking for new tweaks to customise your device. While there are plenty of options out there, we have listed the top 25 Cydia tweaks compatible with iOS 9 jailbreaks.

  1. F.lux: Adjusts color of the device with warm colour choices. (http://justgetflux.com/cydia/)
  2. iCleaner: Clears cache on your device, freeing up space.
  3. Bloard: Changes the look of the keyboard on iOS 9 device with a dark layout.
  4. ClassicDock: Gives a classic look to the dock.
  5. Alkaline: Customizes the battery icon on the status bar.
  6. 20 Second Lockscreen: Keeps device awake for 20 seconds.
  7. Zeppelin: Lets you customize the carrier logo and text on your iDevice.
  8. OpenSSH and OpenSSL: Lets you remotely access your iDevice.
  9. iFile: Lets you access the files and folders on your iPhone and iPad.
  10. Apple File Conduct "2": Lets you view the file system on apps like iFunBox, iExplore and more.
  11. LockGlyph: Shows a fingerprint icon on your lock screen while unlocking the device.
  12. CCSettings: Add, remove or rearrange different toggles in the control center.
  13. RoundDock: Adds rounded corners to the dock.
  14. LegacySwitcher: Changes the app switcher layout. (https://repo.cpdigitaldarkroom.com/)
  15. Activator: Performs various actions with different gestures.
  16. Harlem Shake: A fun tweak that randomly shakes the icons on the device. Set gestures to activate.
  17. Medusa: Adds a new app switcher that works like a multi-window.
  18. SwipeSelection: Move the cursor or select text by swiping the finger on the keyboard.
  19. EnableLivePhotos: Adds live photos feature to older iPhones.
  20. SpotlightBeGone: Disables the Spotlight menu from homescreen.
  21. Forcy: Brings the 3D touch feature to older iPhones.
  22. CCBackground: Customizes the background of the control center by adding any image.
  23. EasyRespring: Resprings the device by pushing up the Home card.
  24. WinterBoard: Lets you customize the device by changing icons, background, themes, wallpaper, control center and more.
  25. Forcy: Brings the 3D touch feature to older iPhones.

[Credits: EverythingApplesPro]