Like every other versions of iPhone operating system, iOS 9 also packs several new features to be explored. The latest operating system actually features several, which iPhone users have been asking for years.

Forbes spotted several new features of iOS 9, which are apparently no known to many of the users. Here are the few key features among them-


iOS 9 allows you to zoom in or zoom out while shooting a video. You can also hide selective photographs by tapping select menu on the camera roll and later select the images you want to hide.

iOS 9 also allows you to select individual photos rapidly by tapping and dragging.


iOS 9 comes with a secret battery widget, hidden at the Today view in notification center. For adding the option, you just require to tap Edit column to open the option to add it.

You can also check the detailed battery usage of individual apps by navigating to Settings>>Battery and then tapping on the Battery Usage option.

You can also activate a low power mode when the device reaches a critical battery state. Navigate to Settings>>General>>Battery>>Low Power Mode and click on the toggle.


You can group together similar app notifications in iOS 9 by navigating to Settings>>Notifications>>Group by App and turn on the toggle.

Web Browsing Shortcuts

The latest Safari browser in iOS 9 comes with a Paste and Go option, which allows you to open the webpage once you paste the URL in the address bar.

Safari also offers a request desktop site option, which lets you put a website direct link right on the desktop. Tap and hold on the address bar of Safari to get the option Request desktop site and click on it.

Adblock Shortcut

The easiest way to block advertisements in iOS 9 is pressing the refresh icon in Safari for a longer period of time. Safari will give you an option to reload the page with enabling the adblock feature.

Get back the All caps keyboard

You can easily get back the all caps keyboard of iOS 8 in iOS 9 too. If you're not aware, all caps keyboard shows all the letters in caps instead of showing them as small letters. Navigate to Settings>>General>>Accessibility>>Keyboard and turn off the 'Show Lowercase Keys.'