With every new iOS software release, news of Jailbreaking software arrives. Renowned jailbreak communities, Pangu, TaiG and others, are constantly working on Jailbreaking new software released by Apple. Following the official release of iOS 9.2 by Apple, users are eagerly waiting for a new jailbreak update, which has been almost dormant space since the last iOS 9 jailbreak. If the latest rumour is to be believed, Pangu already has a working iOS 9.2 jailbreak ready.

There is no concrete evidence if Pangu has a working iOS 9.2 jailbreak ready but it certainly brings a bright light of hope among jailbreakers. EverythingApplesPro tweeted that Pangu had been waiting for Apple's iOS 9.2 final build to make sure the exploits that helped in iOS 9.2 jailbreak are not patched.

There hasn't been any update on the status of the new jailbreak as Apple has already released iOS 9.2 to users around the world.

If you really wish to keep your iPhone jailbroken, stay clear of the iOS 9.2 OTA update for now. By updating your jailbroken iDevice to iOS 9.2, you will lose the freedom to enjoy hundreds and thousands of customizations and tweaks. But if you wish to upgrade to iOS 9.2 because of the essential bug fixes and new features, you can do so but you will have to wait until the new jailbreak is released. Users cannot downgrade from iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.

Pangu and TaiG are prominent players in the jailbreak game. The iOS9 jailbreak was released by Pangu in October, which was rather poorly timed as the iOS 9.1 update was just around the corner. Apple fixed all the exploits in the iOS 9.1, leaving jailbreakers stuck on iOS 9.

Despite strong rumours about iOS 9.2 jailbreak being just around the corner, there is no certain release date for the next jailbreak.