Apple on Friday rolled out the latest iOS software update to its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices in order to patch bugs and bring stability. iOS 8.4.1, which has arrived nearly a month after iOS 8.4 was dispatched, primarily addresses the buggy Apple Music service among other things. But, jailbreakers are scarred with iOS 8.4.1 update as it fixes over 40 bugs, including the ones essential for jailbreak developers such as TaiG.

According to Apple's release notes for iOS 8.4.1 update, the new software patches bugs found in Apple Music that hides added music because the streaming service shows only offline music by default. The update also fixes issue that prevented iCloud Music Library from turning on, bugs responsible for showing different artworks for an album on other devices and malfunctioning Love feature in Beats 1. Additionally, iOS 8.4.1 allows users to add songs to new playlist by creating one.

While the minor update sounds great for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners, it may not be so good for jailbroken devices. Apple has patched up TaiG exploits in the latest software, which conflicts with jailbreak developers. Owners of iPhones with jailbroken software are recommended to stay clear of the new iOS 8.4.1 update, if you wish to see Cydia working on your iDevice.

iOS 8.4.1 is available over-the-air and can be accessed under Settings > General > Software Update. Another way to update your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is to connect to iTunes and initiate a manual installation. TaiG, PP and other jailbreaking groups are yet to confirm the release of iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak. Until then, jailbreakers are advised not to go for the OTA update for their Apple devices, iDigitalTimes reports.

Although there is no specific info on iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak release, rumours about iOS 9 jailbreak being in the works are doing the rounds. Developers are reportedly testing iOS 9 jailbreak based on the beta software available online. If all goes well, jailbreakers might see iOS 9 jailbreak software shortly after the official iOS 9 rollout next month.