Chinese jailbreaking community TaiG had recently released iOS 8.4 Jailbreaking tool 2.4.3 with Cydia 1.1.23 integration. The latest Jailbreak offers several new and exciting tweaks worth a try. Recently we Jailbreaked two iPhone devices and found the new Cydia quite exciting.

We hope you have downloaded the iPhone substrate and installed the latest jailbreak on your iPhone, iPad or iPhone. In case you haven't done with the process, kindly read this story fully before going ahead with the installation, since the free Cydia tweaks we're going to list here will work only after your device is jailbreaked through the latest tool.

Here are the 10 free Cydia tweaks you must try on your iOS device:


The tweak allows you to perform an action through gestures. To enable it, navigate to Activator>>Anywhere and choose the gestures with corresponding action. 

Alkaline- Battery Theme

The Alkaline is a free battery theme which allows you to download different themes for your iOS device and gives the battery notification icon a makeover.

Alternate Controls

The Alternate Controls is one of my favourite Cydia tweak as it allows you transform your iOS device icons into Android lookalikes. Once installed, the bottom bar of Android appears on your iOS device and offers you the app switcher, home screen and back button. For changing the notification back to the original, head over to Settings>>Alternate Controls.

Apex 2

The Apex 2 gives you create and use folder functions with impressively animated controls. For instance, you are required to drag down or up on any folder to open it. For making a folder, you just need to swipe down and add necessary apps to that folder.


This tweak gives you a Cyanogen Android like gesture feature to turn on the sleeping mode by tapping twice on the display. Tapping twice again on the display wakes up the device.

Binary Keypad

This minimalistic tweak offers binary keypad for typing in the device password on the lock screen. Now, that's what real geeks prefer.

Bounce Notify

The Bounce Notify is quite an interesting and funny tweak, which offers funny notification on your iOS device. The tweak adds a bounce notification on apps, so when a new notification arrives, the app bounces in any particular direction. You can also change the animation from the settings.

Camera Tweak 3

This tweak lets you change your image aspect ratio, resolution and video frame rate with lot more actions through an intuitive camera interface.


The latest Cydia tweak gives an awesome looking transition on your home screen. You can enable or customise the transition animation effects by navigating to Settings>>Cylinder page.


This tweak gives you more control over the system installed emoticons. After installing this tweak, you can change the colour of any emoticon by holding the spark symbol over that particular emoticon. You will also get emoji flags after installing this tweak.


This tweak is essential for those who use the device a lot, particularly in the night. The f.lux tweak change the display colour tint to a tad orange for killing the blue hue which makes you insomniac.