With every new updates of iOS, Apple is tightening the security system of the much sought operating system by fixing all the known exploits. And the silence of the known jailbreakers like TaiG, Pangu and PP are acting as icing on the cake. And adding some thrill, Zerodium, the zero day acquisition platform, has declared huge prize money worth $1 million who can bypass the iOS 9 security restrictions in Safari and release a jailbreak solution.

Though veteran Jailbreaker Luca Todesco launched the iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak solution on Friday, the process might be little complex for the not-so-expert users.

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If rumours are to be believed TaiG, Pangu and Luca Todesco might be able to launch the iOS 9 or iOS 9.0.1 jailbreak once Apple launches the iOS 9.1 operating system later this year.

However, the best solution for now is to downgrade your iPhone from iOS 9/ 9.0.1/ 9.0.2 to iOS 8.4.1 and wait for the Todesco's solution, which is expected to be available in a few days or download Cydia on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad through this step by step guide.

Once you manage to install Cydia on your device, try the below mentioned tweaks.


Winterboard is one of the best Cydia tweak ever which allows you to install themes on your iPhone and for giving it a complete makeover. The tweak comes with tons of paid and free themes, which feature multiple app icons, colour palate, background, fonts and widgets.


The multiplexer is the best multiplexing tweak according to us as it offers six multitasking tweaks combined in one. The tweak combines multiple desktops and multitasking options with an enhanced background. The tweak also comes with several preference panels and provides complete user customisation.

CC More

The CC More adds all the necessary widgets on your swipe up notification display and lets you open all of them in a single swipe. For example, you can access stop watch just through a swipe, or open the camera or take a note. Isn't it cool?


This is one of my most favourite cydia tweak ever, which comes for free and lets you snap a quick picture without or with the flash. The NoMessageFlash is neat and handy to use and especially helpful for peoples like me who loves to take picture without exaggerating the lighting environment.


The packages tweak allows you to control all the tweaks installed on your iPhone. After installing the tweak, navigate to Settings>>General>>About and the tweak will show you the number of songs, tweaks, videos, photos, apps and themes.

Tweak Count

This free cydia tweak lets you count all the tweaks installed on the iOS running device. Open the Cydia app and open the installed tab. The tweak will show you the details of each tweaks installed on your iPhone.