The new iOS 11 series, which made its debut in last month, has already been adopted in close to 50 percent of all Apple devices, but now a report has emerged that those units are vulnerable to getting hacked.

YouTube blog iDeviceHelp has uncovered a serious bug in iOS 11 and also in the iOS 11.1 beta (expected to be released in coming weeks), that allows unauthorised access to iPhone's photos in the camera album app.

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In the demo video, the blog author shows that an intruder familiar with victim's phone number can pull the photos of the album even when the mobile is locked.

The video starts with intruder calling the victim iPhones; when it is ringing, he taps on the message icon, it shows a list of auto-reply messages and the bottom, there is custom message option, he taps the latter and message app opens offering text and emojis. Then, he taps three random emojis and invokes Siri to open settings, but it asks the user to put finger on Touch ID or type passcode to unlock. Then, the intruder hangs up the call to the victim's phone.

Apple iOS 11
iOS 11 interface.Apple

He again calls the victim's iPhone and repeats the custom message option with three emojis, but this time, an arrow appears on the left side, upon tapping, it will grant access to photos app to add in the message and with that glitch, the intruder can view all the photos on the phone, thereby compromising the privacy of the iPhone owner.

What's scary is that the intruder, depending on his/her tech-savvy knowledge can breach into the iPhone camera photo album in less than 30 seconds.

iOS 11 Bug Alert: Serious glitch allows unauthorised access to photos on Apple iPhonesiDeviceHelp via YouTube

This is a serious issue considering the fact the iOS 11 has been adopted by millions of users across the world. Video blogging site iDeviceHelp has already contacted Apple regarding the aforementioned vulnerability of the iOS 11 series and hopefully, the company releases the security patch to the iPhones in coming days and also fix the same issue in the iOS 11.1 beta before rolling it out to the public en masse.

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