Apple has released its latest iOS 11.2 beta on the morning of Monday, October 30. It fixes a Calculator animation issue reported since iOS 11 was released to the public in September and during the testing process of iOS 11 Beta.

According to MacRumors, "a calculator animation causes some symbols to be ignored when entered in rapid succession."

In simple words, if you tap 1+2+3 and then tap the "equals" sign quickly to get the result, animation lag shows you 24 instead of 6. But when you enter the same numbers slowly, it gives you the correct answer.

iOS 11.2 Beta is rolling out as an "On The Air" (OTA) update and is also accessible on IPSW links directly from the Apple Developer Program portal.

Apple iPhone Calculator
Apple iPhone Calculator

With the arrival of the iOS 11.2 beta, Apple seems to fix that Calculator bug which was causing inaccurate calculations when numbers are quickly entered.

So now calculations can be conducted very quickly without pauses between entering numbers to procure correct results.

In spite of the fact that the Calculator bug was available all through the iOS 11 beta testing process, it received greater attention only a week ago, likely provoking the fix in the newly-released beta.

An Apple engineer said many individuals had submitted bug reports about the issue, and several objections were raised on Reddit and the MacRumors gatherings.

iPhone users who consistently use the Calculator application should observe it to be significantly more accurate after the removal of slow animation issue.