Salman Khan
Salman KhanVarinder Chawla

Salman Khan, who happens to be the Indian Olympics Association's Goodwill Ambassador, forgot gymnast Dipa Karmakar's name and called her Deepika.

The superstar made the blunder during the trailer launch of "Freaky Ali" on August 7. A mediaperson asked Salman about the ongoing Rio 2016 on which the superstar referred Dipa as Deepika.

Immediately, another mediaperson tried to correct him saying that the name was Deepti, following which Salman got convinced and said "Yes Deepti".

Dipa has created history by becoming the first Indian to qualify for the individual vault finals in her debut Olympics.

This incident is likely to again bring up the debate of whether Salman deserves to be in the position of Olympics Association's Goodwill Ambassador.

There was much hullabaloo when the actor was chosen for the post. Several veteran sports personalities had then expressed their displeasure. However, Salman had defended himself saying that even AR Rahman was not related to any sport and Sachin Tendulkar played only one sport.

"The media should have done the same when Sachin and Rahman were roped in. Why didn't that happen? Why didn't the media give them the same coverage that they gave me? In their case too, while one isn't a sportsperson, the other has only played one sport," Salman had said in his defence.

Watch Salman confusing Dipa with Deepika and then Deepti in the video: