Sweet Couch, free to download Android and iOS app offers Window shopping experience right from your smartphone
Sweet Couch, free to download Android and iOS app offers Window shopping experience right from your smartphoneSweet Counch

Window-shopping is considered everyone's guilty pleasure. Now, what if we say it is possible to window-shop from the comfort of your home? It must sound music to your ears.

Redefining the concept of window-shopping, Sweet Couch, the free-to-download app, has joined the app revolution. 

With an in-depth understanding of the way the Indian consumer views shopping, the app loaded with a chitchat feature enables users to seek and share views on a variety of products, bringing the excitement of shopping to a digital device.

 Sweet Couch's chit-chat feature is the highlight of the app. Users can browse through pages of unique items and converse with friends and family without leaving the platform, eliminating the need to take screenshots and text or email the image in order to seek a second opinion.  Sweet Couch's primary objective is not to make a sale, instead inspire users through conversations over unique products.

 Speaking on the launch, Rajesh Chokhani, Co-Founder, Sweet Couch said: "Shopping in India today has become extremely commercialized with the pressure that brands have of making a sale. This has had an end effect on the consumer as well whereby the definition of shopping has come to be known through the sales, discounts and prices. We at Sweet Couch understand that shopping is an experience by itself where you get to hang out with friends, see new products, and feel rejuvenated. We recognize that there is a distinct difference between shopping and buying. We want to offer the Sweet Couch community an experience-oriented rather than price-oriented shopping journey."

After its soft launch a couple of months ago, the app has seen a tremendous response, and the stickiness to the app is evident from the fact that on an average, each user spends close to 10 minutes. 

Sweet Couch intends to keep exploring to give its users even better experience on the basis of discovery and passion, rather than discounts and purchases.

 Going forward, Sweet Couch aims to introduce additional features that can take the shopping experience to a whole new level. It is toying with the idea of creating a community of window-shoppers.  

You can also download the app here to experience it for yourself: