Dear intellectuals and liberals,

You have every right to criticise the BJP, RSS, etc., and I am least bothered about what you say about political parties. I'm only worried about your concerns on intolerance.

Your statements on intolerance are scarier than the real incidents themselves as they are tarnishing the image of India and creating fears in the mind of citizens that there is a sudden rise in intolerance in the nation.

Is there really a surge of intolerance in India? Do you have any statistics to prove your claims? Please do not cite a few examples that have occurred in recent years and make a hue and cry. Every sensible Indian will condemn such incidents and would not like to witness those again.

But do those incidents define the current status of India? Are such incidents happening only now?

India has been witnessing such incidents for decades. As Kamal Haasan rightly put it, it is because of intolerance that the nation was divided into two. The country has been slowly but systematically eradicating such intolerance. It takes time. It is just that media has taken up the issue now. So, it is not 'growing intolerance', right?

Do you know that this growing concern is only restricted to media and it has not affected the people? People here are living peacefully and they know how to co-exist, better than the intellectuals sitting in AC offices.

So, please stop this tamasha debate. If you are really worried, fight against the price rise or corruption. People will support you irrespective if their likes/dislikes towards ideologies and political parties.

Thanking you,


[Disclaimer: The writer is a journalist with IBT. This article reflects the writer's personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of IBTimes India.]