After a heated day of debate over the issue of intolerance, all eyes were on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who spoke on the subject in the Lok Sabha, as well as on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who spoke in the Rajya Sabha.  

Rahul Gandhi hit out at the ruling party , asking it to 'listen to the people'. 

"India should not become like Pakistan," Gandhi said amidst uproar in the Lower House. 

In the Upper House, PM Modi called for educating the youth about the Indian constitution and invoked Babasahed Ambedkar. 

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor and NCP leader Supriya Sule were among those who lambasted the BJP government in the Lok Sabha over instances of intolerance.

BJP leader Kirron Kher hit back at accusations, citing cases from during the Congress rule at the centre. 


5:28 pm IST:

5:19 pm IST: "Our society should take up the responsibility of reforming itself and discarding incorrect practices of the past," PM Modi said. 

5:15 pm IST: BJP leader Pralhad Joshi is rebutting Rahul Gandhi's accusations. 

5:13 pm IST: PM Modi is concluding his constitution debate in the Rajya Sabha. 

5: 12 pm IST: Rahul Gandhi has concluded his speech in the Lok Sabha. 

5:10 pm IST: "I have seen PM Modi call Nathuram Godse a patriot," Gandhi said. 

5:09 pm IST: "Please listen to your people, do not become like Pakistan," Gandhi said. 

5: 05 pm IST: Rahul Gandhi said that protest is being labelled as sedition in the country today. 

5:02 pm IST: Rahul Gandhi invoked the Dadri lynching episode and criticised Modi for remaining silent on the issue.

4:57 pm IST: Rahul Gandhi hits out at BJP minister VK Singh for his comments on the Dalit children who were burned to death. 

4:55 pm IST: "The only way forward is through the Constitution," PM Modi said in the Rajya Sabha. 

4:53 pm IST: "I can see how profoundly the PM and I differ in our thinking," said Rahul Gandhi. 

4:51 pm IST: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has begun making his points in the Lok Sabha, at about the same time PM Modi started his in the Rajya Sabha. 

4: 45 pm IST: Why can't Muslims find a house in any metropolitan city?" asks AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi in Lok Sabha. 

4:38 pm IST: "I am also from a minority, but I have no fear," says Kiren Rijiju. 

4:35 pm IST: BJP MP Kiren Rijiju said that there is tolerance in the country. 

4.00 pm IST: "The government should put India first," Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said. 

3:57 pm IST: "Amitabh Bacchan was invited to Goa to be the chief guest for the International film Festival where BJP was in power. But his invite was cancelled," Kher said. 

3: 56 pm IST: "My husband Anupam Kher had backed the Anna Hazare movement against corruption. At that time, NCP cadre had thrown stones at our house at that time," Kher said

3:54 pm IST: "Our home minister has said that who has been born in India and are a part of India," Kher said. 

3:45 pm IST: BJP leader Kirron Kher hit out at the Opposition, claiming that the Indian film industry faced "a lot of intolerance" from the Congress Party. 

2:54 pm IST: "India wants a liberal leader, such as Atal Bihari Vajpayee," Sule said. 

2:51 pm IST: "Let's not run down Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, they have contributed enough to the country," Sule said, referring to the criticism against the actors by the BJP for their statements on intolerance. 

2:48 pm IST: "Do the issues of ghar wapsi, beef bans figure in the idea of digital India that the government talks about?," NCP leader Supriya Sule said. 

2:13 pm IST: The Lok Sabha has resumed discussion on the intolerance debate. 

1:15 pm IST: The house has been adjourned till 2:10 pm. 

12:46 pm IST: "Increasing instances of intolerance can jeopardise economic growth.," AIADMK member P Kumar said. 

12:42 pm IST: The discussion on intolerance has begun in the Lok Sabha for the second day. 

11: 38 am IST: PM Modi will reply on the issue of intolerance in the Rajya Sabha today, as per reports. Modi returned to Delhi on Tuesday after attending a climate summit in Paris. 

11:35 am IST: "Will the government declare the Tamil Nadu rains a national disaster?" an AIADMK leader asked. 

11:28 am IST: The Speaker has taken up the second question of the day - Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture.

11:24 am IST: Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said that communal violence is more in states in which there is stronger presence of BJP. The statement was opposed by Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju. 

11:23 am IST: Several MPs have raised the issue on intolerance in relation to communal violence, prompting Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to stick to questions instead of comments. 

11:15 am IST: The Lok Sabha Question Hour session has started with a question on communal violence in the country.