PatralekhaVarinder Chawla

Patralekha's portrayal of ex-Army driver Deepak Singh's (Rajkummar Rao) wife in Hansal Mehta's "CityLights" earned her appreciation and accolades. Her second film, "Love Games," alongside Garuav Arora and Tara Alisha Berry, arrived in theatres Friday. 

In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, India, Patralekha opened up about her love for acting, director Vikram Bhatt, shooting for intimate scenes and her transformation from a simply-dressed mother to a seductress.

Here are the edited excerpts from the interview:

International Business Times, India: The trailer of your new film "Love Games" looks exciting. Could you elaborate on the kind of role you are playing in the film?

Patralekha: It's a role with grey shades. I play this unapologetic woman who is always trying to win, and if she doesn't win, she doesn't mind using foul means.

IBTimes India: Did it feel awkward filming for intimate scenes?

It is always awkward filming for intimate scenes because there are 40 people behind the camera, there's this guy whom you know just as a friend. But as an actor you have to do what you have to do. So it's again mind over matter.

IBTimes India: How would you say your equation with co-star Gaurav Arora is?

Patralekha: He's a friend of mine. Gaurav is a new boy, he's hardworking. It was good working with him.

IBTimes India: From "CityLights" to "Love Games," it's a complete transformation, look wise. Was it a conscious effort or do you usually enjoy being glamorous?

Patralekha: Who doesn't like being glamorous? Everybody likes being glamorous. But it was not a conscious effort because it's my job.

IBTimes India: How was it working with Vikram Bhatt?

Patralekha: Vikram sir is a good man. He is very intelligent and professional. I enjoyed working with him.

IBTimes India: Your film is clashing at the box office with "The Jungle Book" (April 8), which is extremely popular. Does that get you jittery?

Patralekha: Well, whoever is going for "The Jungle Book" won't come for our film. But I think the makers knew this and must have thought something before taking this step. Look, I am nobody, I'm just an actor. I do my job and my work is done for the day as soon as I'm done shooting. I'm sure some thought must have gone into it, I'm no one to say anything. Yes, of course I'm going to watch "The Jungle Book," it's been a part of my growing up.

IBTimes India: What is that one aspect viewers should look out for when watching "Love Games"?

Patralekha: What is in the trailer is of course in the film, but there's a thriller element to it. So, watch it for the thrill.

IBTimes India: What made you go for a film like "CityLights," which most actresses would never go for?

Patralekha: You know what, unconventional things have been happening to me from Day 1, and you know what, I embrace it. I love it. For me, it's about acting, it's about doing what I'm passionate about. I love my job, I love my work. Actually, I won't call it "job" or "work": Acting is something that finds me peace. I'm happy within. For me, it doesn't matter whether it's glamorous or not-glamorous, I'm just doing what I love.

IBTimes India: Did the role have any impact on the kind of offers you received after your first film?

Patralekha: I don't see it that way. Look at the love and appreciation I got for my first film. I'm really happy that I took this film up and very proud of it. So I don't know what have been the repercussions or the ripple effects but I'm really, really, proud of it.

IBTimes India: Your upcoming projects?

Patralekha: I am talking to a couple of directors. Let's see, something is going to close down pretty soon.