Mindflew 2

New-Delhi-based rock band Mindflew released their debut music video "O Beti" March 21, 2016. Directed by Tushar Prakash, the video also acts as a teaser to the band's upcoming debut album tentatively titled "O Beti" as well.

The concept for the music video was developed by Mindflew and Madhav Prakash. It focuses on the band's satirical take on violence and narrates the story of a man who is kidnapped by a mafia gang for unsanctioned scientific experiments. "There is actually a scene where two gangs throw apples at each other instead of firing bullets," says Ritwik De, the guitarist and vocalist of Mindflew. "We chose to do this in the video because we think that the amount of violence happening in the society is making it very aggressive. We wish that it stopped and so we expressed ourselves through that scene," he adds.

Sonically, "O Beti" belts out a happy vibe and a catchy tune that you can hum along to. It is essentially indie rock with post-rock style guitar tones, but De refuses to classify it into any genre. "We call our music 'Happy-Sad.' We say this because it is exactly that. Also, since we like to experiment with sound a lot, we cannot really pin-point our sound to one particular genre," he says.

Although Mindflew is releasing their debut music and album this year, they are not new to the indie music scene in India. Formed in 2006, the band now consists of De, guitarist Aashish Mandhwani, bassist Hemant Chona and drummer Jayant Parashar.

They released a four track EP, "The Happy Sad," in 2012, which introduced a crunchy indie/alternative sound. By the looks of tracks such as "O Beti," "Philawar Fanstasy 500" and "Sapne - The Dream," their upcoming album will certainly have a brighter sound with darker lyrics. "It is ready but we are just waiting to come up with a few more videos before we go ahead with the album release. So, by the mid of May or early June, it will hopefully be out," says De.