Sonya Saxena
Sonya Saxena

Sonya Saxena is a renowned fashion, style and beauty blogger who hails from Delhi, India. To show how people can be beautiful, trendy, stylish in every sense according to the latest trends of the moment is her goal!

How did you decide to become a fashion blogger? Was it a thoughtful choice?

Sonya Saxena : I always loved wearing stylish outfits since my childhood. I inherited from my parents. I was posting my outfits on various online portals from the past many years now and was getting requests to start blogging. Initially, I ignored the requests due to time crunch. However, eventually I gave it a serious thought and started pursuing my passion for fashion, and started posting more about it on Instagram. How was the response initially? Share some moments?

Sonya Saxena : I started blogging as a part time hobby while, People use to recognize me on the streets and requested for pictures and advice. I was overwhelmed and satisfied in my world.

Who or what has been your greatest fashion inspiration?

Sonya Saxena : I draw inspiration from anything and everything around me. It could be movies, fashion magazines, nature or blogs. I do not follow trends blindly. I take into consideration my body type and comfort before adopting a trend.

There are a lot of people following you on Instagram . How do you manage this huge number of followers?

Sonya Saxena : Numbers are just a part of the journey.

Advice for all your fans ? Who want to start their fashion industry journey ?

Know fashion trend by engaging in Eastern and Western cultures to get the best of both the world.

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