After the success of three back-to-back seasons, 92.7 BIG FM, is back with the fourth season of its on-air singing talent hunt show, Benadryl "BIG Golden Voice." The show provides a platform for aspiring singers from across the country to showcase their talent.

This year, "BIG Golden Voice Season 4" is judged by singer Armaan Malik and music composer Amaal Malik. Accompanying the Malik brothers is Neha Bhasin, who is the celebrity judge of the show. The auditions for the on-air singing talent hunt show has commenced from July 11. The winner of "BIG Golden Voice season 4" will get a golden chance to sing a song for a Bollywood film.

Aspiring music enthusiasts can register through IVRS and SMS. One can also register for auditions using the toll free number 1800 30027031 and by visiting

In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, India, judges Armaan and Amaal spoke about the show, their expectation from the contestants and more.

Here are the edited excerpts from the interview:

International Business Times: What made you take the judges' seat in talent hunt show "BIG Golden Voice Season 4"?

Armaan: "It is a very unique thing that I wanted to be a part of. It is not a reality show and it is something that is solely based on someone's voice and I think that's the best judge of a singer. In today's time, many people also focus on the X factor of the singer, their overall personality. All that, obviously can be acquired and developed at later stage, but at the crux of a singer, his voice, his tone quality is more important. I think these qualities give a better chance to known the singer's voice."

Amaal: "I had followed the show when Shankar (Shankar Mahadevan) Sir was judging the previous season and I found the concept very unique. Here you are behind the radio station and no one can see you and it's clearly the voice which is reaching out to the audience and me. So the judgement is based on the listeners and everyone will hear the voice from the radio. Lots of time when you are in TV, I think the judges give a lot of importance to X factor, the look, the way you carry yourself. I think that's very important also if u need to be a top star. But there are many singers who have naturally great voices, who don't need to have that persona at all. So, I think here the judgement will mainly going to be in terms of what the character of the voice is, their diction, how unique and how soulful their voice is. Me and Armaan both are not going to judge them on the appearance or the look. That can be groomed and worked on later. So it's the competition which is primarily looking out for a good voice."

"I have got several offers from quite a few reality shows to come and judge but I was hesitant because I just didn't like what they wanted me to do and it's not real. I found this quite real and so that's why I said yes to this."

IBT: Do you think the on-air singing talent hunt show is a good platform for aspiring singers? How do you differentiate it from a singing reality show aired on television?

Armaan: "It's a very new thing. Getting to know people's voice gives you an insight of how their voice sounds in a mike, which is most important."

"Well, I have been a part of reality show earlier, in 2006 I had participated in "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li'l champs" and that also gives a great exposure, platform and wider reach. But I think there is nothing bigger than radio. Because everyone when they go for work, school or travelling, they always put on one thing, that is the radio. I think this is a good approach that BIG FM has put out this concept. It's interesting for me also to get on board because I have never been a judge for anything till now, so I am really excited."

Amaal: "Yes, it's good. At the end of the day, it's a unique thing where Armaan will give the prospective of a singer, and I will give the prospective of a music director. So I can explain it to the singer as to what music director would expect from them when they come to a studio. I like the idea where they have combined a singer and a composer to guide. The good thing is they have chosen young people like us I am 26, Armaan is 21, and the contestants will also feel at ease as someone from our age and generation is there. I have already promised that if I like the voice and whoever wins the competition will surely sing at least one song for me. Even from people who were part of the previous season, like an artist called Digvijay, he was one of the contestants. I don't know whether he won or he didn't win but he is singing a song for me. He was discovered from this platform. I worked with him recently and he is a wonderful talent. Even Salim–Sulaiman have worked with him in a film. So, I think this platform has given quite a few true and talented singers."

IBT: The last season of "BIG Golden Voice" invited participants from across the globe. Is the fourth season open to singers from abroad as well?

Armaan: "If I am not wrong, then I think yes."

Amaal: "Yes, I think so. See, it's completely open for everyone, but mainly because I think we should focus on our country and the kind of music we need. International singers have a lot of platforms. I would be happier if more than outsiders, Indians from within the country approach."

IBT: What are your expectations from the contestants this year?

Armaan: "Well, basically we are searching for voices who have that eagerness in them and also who represent whichever zone they are calling in from or recording their voice from, that they represent and have a little bit of flavor from that part of the country."

Amaal: "Basically this competition is for the voice who has the mitti ki khusbu. If someone is from Ranchi, he should have the flavour from that city. Bring your music to us, instead of singing regular music. We are not here to judge a voice based on how he sings a Bollywood song."