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The upcoming episode of A&E's "Intervention" Season 15 will showcase a drug addict who dates multiple men in order to fetch money for getting her fix.

CLICK HERE to watch what led Ginjer to get addicted to drugs so much and whether she will find a way to recover.

According to A&E, the synopsis of the episode reads:

"Ginjer is a professional Sugar Baby who trolls 'dating' websites to maintain a severe Dilaudid addiction. Once a top contender to become a Naval Officer, Ginjer has fallen so far that she juggles 'men who pay' to keep the drugs flowing. Ginjer's family is desperate, fearing she is on the fast track to an early death."

Ginjer used to have a disciplined and ambitious life, until one of her friends introduced her to Dilaudid. It was all downhill for her since then. She initially used to take small doses, which increased with time, and now she can't even spend a few hours without it.

Despite all the efforts by her family, Ginjer's addiction never ceased and it increased to such an extent that she started to date rich men as a Sugar Baby through several online dating websites. The family is worried her new habit might get her in some legal trouble, too.

Now, with the "Intervention" team, Ginjer will be assisted and guided to get over her addiction that might take her life soon. Whether she will be able to get over it will be seen in the upcoming episode.

In the previous episode, 37-year-old Alberta prairie boy Kent watched his father return home every day with a case of beer. Kent was good at hockey until a hereditary blood disease stopped him from playing professionally.

To get over the frustration and forget the trauma of a sexual assault, Kent started to drink heavily and was soon gulping down 17 bottles of beer a day. His life turned into a string of verbal abuse and constant fights with his girlfriend, Nicki, and their three children. Tired of it, Nicki told him to end his drinking habit or she would leave him, taking away the kids from a bad influence.