It's only recently that a tweet is enough to be arrested. On the internet, trends have turned into demands and a way to mobilise support. Often there are some public figures who seem to appear often as sons and daughters of anarchy, that the internet keeps calling out again and again. 

Swara Bhasker has become a regular face of negative trends on Twitter. With her strong political opinions and unabashed views, she becomes the perfect target for social media hate. This hasn't deterred her thus far from speaking her mind and continuing to criticise what's wrong. But now, netizens are demanding her arrest.

Swara Bhasker

Netizens demand Swara Bhasker's arrest as she criticises appropriation of slogans

When we think of people who've been the centre of much online hatred, Swara Bhasker tops the list in Bollywood. This is because she doesn't shy away from saying what's on her mind, no matter how much trouble it will get her in. 

As the pandemic and lockdown proceed, many issues have come to the fore, including the debate on racism and outrage in the world right now. Many opinions, views and stands are being shared. Swara Bhasker is also lending a voice to the cause and today she shared a thought on Twitter, "Stop appropriating slogans to make them palatable for the privileged." She accompanied this with the image of her Instagram story. 

While her intentions may have been well-placed, netizens didn't quite agree. Now, #ArrestSwara Bhasker is trending as netizens call out the actress for her views. Moreover, they're dubbing her a terrorist and an anti-national. The trend only seems to be picking up speed.

If the past is anything to go by, none of this will deter the actress from sharing her opinions online.