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  • Merin Joseph
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Merin Joseph, an IPS trainee from Kerala, who became an Internet sensation in India for being an "extremely attractive" person, has recently got married.

She married a Kottayam-based psychiatrist Chris Abraham at Puthupally Orthodox church. 

Merin became a social media star after a Facebook page named "Kochi Pazhaya Kochiyalla" posted her photo with a caption, "Merin Joseph IPS - How many likes for our new ACP of Kochi?"

Fans went frenzy and shared the news on all social networking platforms. However, the then trainee clarified that it is a fake news and posted that she was under training in Hyderabad on her official Facebook page: 

"An urgent clarification- i am NOT the new ACP of Kochi. Still under training in NPA Hyderabad. Will update when I get my first charge in January next year. Kindly refrain from believing baseless rumours floating in social media. Thanks."

Later, in December she informed her fans regarding her first posting as ASP under training in Kochi, Kerala.

"First posting news! Will be heading to Ernakulam (Rural) as Assistant Superintendent of Police- ASP(Under Training). Not to be confused with Ernakulam city (Kochi) . Lol. Peace :)"

While many congratulated the newly married couple, some of her fans reportedly expressed their disappointment that she has "shattered their dreams."

Watch the wedding video below: